Add a Facebook application in sandbox mode to an application or page

I’ve been building some Facebook applications lately. Facebook pages and applications is kind of a confusingĀ  system and you can’t get enough of handy tips to put in your toolbox.

The latest problem I had was that I wanted to add the application canvas as a tab on the application page itself. But as the application was in sandbox mode (and/or not published to the directory) I could not find the application so that I could “install” it on the page/app.

Then I found this little handy link. Just paste this into your browser when you are logged in to Facebook.

This will give you this screen

Just change the API key to yours and you should be able to add your sandbox application to any page. I guess that you also could change the querystring “pages” to “profiles” or something to be able to add an app to your profile.

2 Thoughts on “Add a Facebook application in sandbox mode to an application or page

  1. Hey, great post.
    Small to do, great impact :) Didn’t found a way for this before.
    Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Sebastian on May 6, 2010 at 11:05 pm said:

    Saved my ass. I’d rather eat glass than wade through Facebook documentation.


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