Batch Optimize Png, Jpg and Gif images in Windows (and Visual Studio)

A couple of days ago i found an awesome extension to Visual Studio that let’s you just right click an a folder in VS and it will optimize all the images in it with the help of SmushIt and PunyPng. I have tried to find a tool like this for a long time but haven’t really found anything that suits my need. I also wanted this functionality in Windows outside of Visual Studio so i downloaded the code and made a extremely simple command prompt application for it. It would of course be even better if you could just right click a folder in Windows to run it but I’m a lazy person and this works for me.

Just run BatchOptimzeImage.exe <foldername> and it will optimize all the images in that folder. I wont give so much more instructions than this. And again .. ALL credits goes to Mads Kristensen for this on. I just wanted to put this out there so you don’t have to spend the hour i spent to make a console app out of it.

Download BatchImageOptimizer


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