Get the Dark Theme for the editor but not for the rest of the UI in Visual Studio 2012

I just downloaded the shiny new Visual Studio 11 BETA and haven’t had so much time to use it yet. But one thing i was curious about was the new built-in dark theme they provided. I really liked the Dark Theme for the code editing windows but not so much for the rest of the UI. I solved this by just switch to the dark theme, export the settings, switch back to light theme then import the settings and unchecked everything but the colors & fonts. Worked like a charm! I recorded a video of it below.


This stopped working in the 2012 RC version but after a comment on a post in the amazing Scott Hanselmans blog┬áhe sent me this theme that is the dark “code” theme that could be used with the light UI. You can download the file here.

Link: Dark Setting Theme



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